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Understanding the word DE-CISION

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How often have you ever decided to do something and fell short because of other distractions, Other obligations, you were tired or flat out did’t “feel” like it
The word DECISION comes from the Latin word Cision. Which means to cut off or “remove from”. So a decision literally means to cut off any other possibility but the one you made.
Making a decision has a far greater impact then choosing. When you chose, you do what is convenient, you do what you believe you are capable of. You bring with you the limitations that have been ingrained upon you through society and conditioning. When you make a decision, when you decide to do something, you do it whether you feel like it or not. You do it in the shine or rain, you do it into the night and early morning. A decision is a commitment. It is what pushes people to be great.
Decision is more of a process orientation. Meaning you go through an analysis and the steps of eliminating. You can easily make a decision and set up a plan to conquer that decision. Decisions can range from small to very large, and you can create a means of checks and balances that will “graduate” you to the next step, making all of the small success add up to your grand decision.
Therefore, execution and implementation follow and decision you make. The process of deciding is the first step. Then you much decide how you are going to implement your plan of action, followed by executing that plan. Make a decision and commit yourself, It will push you to greatness.
What is a decision you have made that has changed your life?


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