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Stop Believing That Being an Entrepreneur Means You Don't Need a College Education

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We have all heard it. Over and over again about the famous entrepreneurs who dropped out of college to make massive success being entrepreneurs. It’s true you don’t NEED a college education to create massive success for yourself. But what you do need is persistence, and that is something that college teaches you to cultivate.
Unless you are hard headed by nature, you are likely growing up in an environment where your always a winner. You haven’t had the slightest taste of the real world yet and that will hurt your shot at being an entrepreneur before you even begin.
To become a successful entrepreneur you have to be able to weather the storm. You have to be able to go through the highs and lows, face the “no’s” and doors closed in your face over and over again. And with the frugility of this generation, the toughness that was once a natural part of growing up is being replaced with everyone on the team earning a trophy, and parent / teacher meetings to ensure you get that A!. It’s bogus. Life does not work like that.
College teaches you to weather that storm. College is a measure of your persistence. Stop thinking of it as “useless” information you are not going to use upon graduation, and think of it as a measure of your ability to stick to something until you complete it. College is very much like entrepreneurship in the sense that you will be faced with rude teachers who will not let you turn in an assignment late, who will not be sympathetic to the traffic you were stuck in, or that you “forgot” to study for your exam. You will be pressured and faced with deadlines, where you will have to navigate to make things happen in order to sink or swim. And although in college the idea of sinking or swimming is seen in terms of a letter grade, it is great preparation for being an entrepreneur. If you ask me, I would much rather learn to sink or swim when the only thing at stake is a letter grade, as opposed to $100,000 in savings that I’ve put towards a start-up.
Your ability to stick-it-out in college is a huge determining factor of whether or not you will be able to stick-it-out in the real world. Whether that be a new job, or an entrepreneurial venture.
What is something you have stuck with that has brought you major results?


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