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Lead Generation From The Ground Up: Making A Start 

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Lead generation should be a priority among your business initiatives. However, green entrepreneurs don’t always have enough familiarity with the business sector to navigate some of the more advanced lead generation tactics available to them. Fortunately, they don’t need to navigate anything just yet, and neither do you. What you need to do is make a start, and it’s a lot easier than you may think. 

Here are three beginner lead generation tactics that you need to focus on before you do anything else: 

Draft a Lead Generation Proposal 

The time and attention that you put into your lead generation proposal could save you hours of time and frustration later. Without at least a rough projection on paper of how you intend to expose your product to the world, you run the risk of presenting your product to the right people at a time when they are not ready to take interest in it, or to the wrong people altogether.

Which demographic categories do you wish to sell your product to? Teenage girls? Middle-aged businessmen? Consider the media with whom those in your target demographic profile might interact on a regular basis. Teen girls concerned with getting the same message across to everyone with one click to are more apt to use Instagram than they are to use LinkedIn. By contrast, the middle-aged businessman concerned with networking are apt to spend hours finding ways to work his profile into everyone else’s.

Keep It Casual 

Start with your friends. Are any of them in business for themselves? People in business for themselves develop lasting relationships with clients in order to keep leads coming in. Many of these relationships are deeply rooted in friendship. Tell your friend that you have a product ready and that you are looking for a way to start generating some exposure for your business. Are they close with any clients who might take interest in your product or service? Would they be willing to drop your name? 

If they agree to do so, it will be because they trust you enough to trust the quality of your product and to take the offer to someone with whom they need to maintain an impeccable reputation. That alone gives you a leg up on anyone else who might be advertising services in your line of work to your friend’s client. Set your price for the transaction lower than the cost of services (remember, you will be buying a connection that you can mine ad infinitum in the future, not just a lead). If you make a sale, extend your friendship to your new client and repeat the process.


Follow Up 

Few customer retention strategies are more effective than following up with consumers regarding how well your product is living up to its reputation. Once you have established your first few connections, pick up the phone. Consumers who are genuinely pleased with your product or service–including customer service–will raise it to the attention of others as the need for it develops. This qualifies as an organic lead. Your job is to generate as many organic leads as possible from every client with whom you come in contact. The simple act of picking up the phone and ensuring quality service can help you keep the clients you have so you can start bringing in more. 

Lead generation is extremely important to your business, but it means working smart and being as thorough as you possibly can at ground level. Ultimately, having a specific plan of action, seeking leads through personal channels and following up with your clients will help you make a start toward building your business.

How do you plan to generate leads?


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