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With around 50% of the working populace living paycheck to paycheck, the idea of making money part-time has likely been on your mind at times. The good news is that you can create an income stream in your spare time. The great news is that you have some talent, topic knowledge, or skill that is in demand in today’s freelance economy.
Currently, freelancers make up about 34% of the workforce, and this is expected to increase to 43% by the year 2020. There is some confusion about whether someone is working in the “gig” or the “freelance” market. Gigs are more on-demand services like Uber and Lyft. The company sets the rates and rules, and your income depends on the time you have to work. Most gig workers make between $300 and $500 per month.
Freelancers set their rates and rules for how they want to work, though gigs and freelancing are mixed if you get your jobs from one of the freelance sites like Upwork or Guru. Freelancers, depending on their skills and areas of knowledge as well as time available, are generating incomes in the high five figures. So, what work can you get through these sites to get started and build a solid income in your spare time?
Using Upwork as an example, here are the high-level categories of work available:
Web, Mobile & Software Development
Design & Creative
Admin Support
Customer Service
IT & Networking
Sales & Marketing
Data Science & Analytics
Accounting & Consulting
Engineering & Architectural
Within those top-level categories are 100 sub-categories. Unless you’ve been living in a bubble off a trust fund, something you’ve done or learned in your life should be an income generator for you. From a job as a virtual assistant to taking customer service requests online, there is going to be someone using this site to hire you for your skills and knowledge.
If you have grammar and spelling skills, writing is one of the largest categories with the most work on sites like these. With the many millions of business websites, all looking for content, writing about what you know can make you a lot of money.
Are you into health foods and supplements? There is a buyer on the site for an article about the top health benefits of ghee! Another buyer is looking for a blogger about arts & crafts, and one of the sample titles is “Top 10 knitting patterns of 2018.” There is more, but you’re getting the idea. If you have a skill, specialized area of knowledge, or even a hobby, someone is looking for website content about it.
If grammar or spelling challenge you, get help with software and services, but you will need to do a great job of editing, as you will not keep clients if you sell them sub-standard work.
If you’re not into the writing thing and you aren’t a technology whiz or programmer, no problem. In the customer service category are a great many jobs for work-from-home email, online chat, or phone support. Amazon has even run ads for customer support people for permanent positions.
It’s your schedule and your income plan. There is lots of opportunity in the freelance economy for you to build a sideline business on your terms. All you have to do is get started!

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