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How To Be Insanely Productive Every Day



If you want to be more productive, you have to change you habits. From the moment you wake up it’s important to make good decisions about how you spend your time. Here are four ways that you can start to be insanely productive every day.

Use to-do lists

Before you sleep each night make a list of what you want to accomplish the next day. If you start each day not having a plan, you’re more likely to less done. Don’t add only big items to your list because that will overwhelm you. If you have a couple of big items along with a handful of smaller items, you’re more likely to get them all done. Small items might seem meaningless, but think about how you feel after you clean off the coffee table of all the clutter. It might only take five minutes, but finishing that task will help you build momentum to do the rest. Start each day by crossing one or two things off your list right away. By doing this you’ll motivate yourself for the entire day.

Put your phone on silent

Turn off sound notifications on your phone unless you are expecting something urgent. It’s also a good idea to keep your phone out of your reach so that you’re not grabbing at it every few minutes. By doing this you will improve your focus ad be able to finish what you are working on quicker than you would being distracted by your phone. If you work on the computer, keep tabs closed unless you need something for work. Avoid distractions by staying off social media websites and even your email if you are tempted to check it. The quicker you’re able to accomplish each task you need to do, the more you’ll be able to fit into a day.

Create a schedule

If you routinely forget to do things that need to be done on a regular basis, create a schedule for these items. If you clean the bathrooms on the same day every week, it will become part of your routine. You will no longer stress about when you’re going to get it done. Create a schedule for your home and family so that things get done without extra stress. If you work from home, creating a schedule is especially important for getting things done. You need to be clear about your work hours and stick to them. If you get distracted and procrastinate, you’ll get less done and end up stressed by the end of each day. By knowing what you will do and when you’ll do it, you will increase your productivity.

Exercise often

Exercise will provide your body and mind with the energy you need to be productive. If you live a sedentary lifestyle or sit for work a lot, your body needs to move more. Working out will release feel good hormones that will boost your mood. If you currently live a sedentary lifestyle, you may find that you’re lacking energy to do anything but relax. Unfortunately this won’t help your productivity. The only way to gain energy is to be more active. This will greatly contribute to your productivity.
In order to be insanely productive you may have to do things differently. Once you gain momentum and realize how much you can actually accomplish, you will be more motivated to continue.

What habits help you to be productive?


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