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Tips for Growing your e-mail marketing lists

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A successful email marketing campaign requires a large list of targeted email addresses. You could be sending out some great content, but there’s no point in sending it to lists containing only a few people. There are many ways you can grow a list of targeted email addresses and you should utilize as many of them as possible for maximum exposure.


Make it Easy

Keep your opt-in form as simple as possible. If you only need an email address, then don’t ask for anything else. More people will subscribe to your newsletters if your opt-in form is easy to complete.


Give them a Reason

Don’t just ask for emails on the promise that you’ll send them some great content. Instead, give them a reason to sign up by providing incentives. For example, you could offer subscribers a free e-book, give a discount on your products or services, or create a competition where users need to submit an email address to enter.


Use Social Media

Use your social media to promote your newsletter by encouraging your followers to opt in. You should regularly post links to your opt-in forms and tell your followers why they should sign up.


Powerful Call to Action

Ensure that the call to action on your website captures the attention of your visitors. For maximum exposure, you can create a simple popup with a creative headline and clearly explain the benefits of signing up in a couple of sentences.


QR Codes

QR codes are becoming more popular and they can be an easy way to get more subscribers. Put QR codes on all your printed material and encourage people to scan the code to opt into your newsletter.



You can use paid advertising such as Google’s Adwords to appear in searches related to your keywords. This method may not be viable if your newsletter is related to an expensive niche and the cost per click is very high.


Optimize your Website

Putting a simple opt-in form in the sidebar of a blog post isn’t going to get many subscribers. You should optimize your website so that people can easily see your opt-in forms and the reason to sign up. For example, you could redirect visitors to a thank you page after they leave a comment.


Email Signature

You should also use your email signature to promote the various ways you can be contacted. Place links to your website, social media accounts, and a link to your email opt-in form.


With email marketing, you need to get a list of as many subscribers as possible. People need to know why they should sign up and incentives are a great way to encourage people to subscribe. After you’ve given them a reason, you then need to get your message out to as many people as possible. You should optimize your website to encourage people to subscribe and use social media to tell your followers about your newsletter. The more people who see your opt-in form, then the more subscribers you will get.


How do you plan on growing your e-mail marketing list?



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